Steering Pump Flow Rate

Power Steering Pump

A hydraulic power steering system is compromised without a correctly specified and operating power steering pump. The steering pump flow rate is critical to the overall performance of the power steering system, there are many reasons why the flow rate may be inadequate, causing heavy steering or baulking of the vehicle at low RPM. The first response to heavy or baulking steering …

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How to Remove a Pitman Arm

Hydrosteer Pitman Arms

How to Remove a Pitman Arm and Reinstall a Pitman Arm Correctly and Safely removing and reinstalling a pitman arm can be more difficult than it first appears. Aside from the potential for injury reinstalling it incorrectly will impact on the performance of the steering system and the life of the components. For instance incorrect installation can cause …

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New Steering Parts warehouse


It is with great excitement that Hydrosteer announce we are opening a Steering Parts warehouse in  Queensland. Hydrosteer have been supplying goods and services to the Heavy Vehicle Industry in Australia for over 30 years, this new warehouse will continue and expand our tradition of excellent service.   Our Steering Parts warehouse is located in the Brisbane area. It has …

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