Hydrosteer has significant breadth and depth of experience in hydraulic power steering systems for heavy vehicles. Over our 33 year history we have been involved in many LHD to RHD steering conversion projects. Naturally being a heavy vehicle focused business these project’s have focused on Trucks.

Light Vehicle Steering Conversion Projects

More recently we have been working with a number of light vehicle conversion companies who have been looking for ways to improve the cost effectiveness and quality of the steering system conversions. Reports from the field are excellent with no noticeable difference between the steering system performance of the original LHD vehicle and the converted RHD vehicle and significant improvements in ease of conversion.

The key to obtaining this quality result for light vehicle steering conversion projects is an off the shelf steering quality miter gear. This proven technology has been used on heavy vehicles in Australia for many years in OEM dual control applications, as well as many other applications and has many millions of trouble free kilometers clocked up on it.

Miter Gears, 90 deg and reverse

Miter Gears, 90 deg and reverse

A critical aspect of steering conversion projects is to minimize the friction in the steering system and eliminate any lumpiness. The friction is a critical tradeoff because there is a need to have no movement (backlash) in the steering system without significant friction. If a steering system has significant friction this will increase driver effort, increasing fatigue and generally impacting on the driving experience. Our Miter gear arrangements help with both these problems because they are designed for this application to have low friction and using them minimizes the number of highly angled universal joints that are typical in a steering conversion.

Miter Gears for Steering Conversion Projects

The off the shelf miter gear arrangement is available in many different configurations ranging from a simple 90 degree miter gear through to a reverse miter gear arrangement. They come with a variety of input and output shaft sizes and spline configurations.

The reverse miter gear, as the name suggests reverse’s the direction of the shaft rotation.  This can be particularly useful in situations where the OEM steering rack has been repositioned to suit a RHD drive position.

The miter gears can be supplied as individual components or as kits which include solid or slip type steering shafting (slipshaft) to join the steering wheel to the miter gear, miter gear to miter gear or miter gear to steering rack input shaft, customized to suit any steering conversion.

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  1. Ian Mackenzie January 21, 2016 at 7:28 pm #

    hi I was wondering if there is a conversion for my d5n 400 dodge,,,as my steering box is had it and very hard to steer,,,,,any imformation would be greatly appreciated

    regards Ian

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