Engineered Products

Hydrosteer have developed a number of product enhancements over the years, focused on solving specific problems with Heavy / commercial vehicle power steering systems. Problems which can occur on many different makes and models of trucks, including Mack, Kenworth, Iveco, etc.

You will find a brief run down on a few below;

Mack Crab Bracket Bearing

Fully sealed bearing improves life and reduces the potential for vague steering

Designed to allow the natural movement of the universal joints, extending steering box input seal life on R600, R700 and CH Mack’s with inside chassis mounted steering boxes. Improves drivability of vehicles and helps eliminate lumpy or motoring steering problems.







Single Steer to Twin Steer Conversions

Hydrosteer have developed expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of hydraulic power steering systems for trucks over 30 years in the industry. We have worked on many challenging projects and performed a number of single steer to twin steer conversion projects. These projects are always challenging and unique to the particular vehicle platform, but the basic engineering principles are always applicable.