About Hydrosteer


Company Profile

Hydrosteer Pty Ltd was established in June 1981 and has become a vital link between Australia and New Zealand’s heavy vehicle manufacturing and maintenance industries. By establishing itself as the leader in heavy truck steering technology in Australia, Hydrosteer is now the focal point for information relating to heavy truck steering.

We are committed to having widest range of parts available and most knowledgeable staff in our industry.

Steering concerns

Some of the hardest steering problems to diagnose are steering concerns on the highway. The truck may be wandering, darting or the steering is unpredictable. These problems will place a lot of strain on the driver in addition to being a road safety issue.

Hydrosteer has specialised in heavy truck steering systems since 1981 and has developed diagnostic techniques to diagnose all manner of steering issues.

Worldwide Brands
Hydrosteer represents some of the leading component manufacturers in the steering industry with companies such as R.H. Sheppard Power Steering, Z.F. Steering Systems, LuKFahrzeug-Hydraulik, Douglas Autotech, AYD Steering and suspension parts and others.

Hydrosteer works closely with Australian truck manufacturers during the design phase of vehicles. We are respected for our technical ability and often engaged to help solve steering issues. We have for many years been a supplier of quality products to the Australian truck manufacturers for civilian and military vehicles.

Hydrosteer’s Product Development team has the ability to design complete steering systems, vehicle upgrades to dual control or twinsteer and general steering system enhancements. This unique capability gives us the technical know how to solve the most difficult power steering issue’s.

We have established three Hydrosteer owned service departments, two on the east coast of Australia and one on the west coast in Perth. In other key regions of Australia and New Zealand we have appointed service agents who have all undergone service training and use Hydrosteer designed test equipment. This ensures that consistent technical standards across Australia and New Zealand.

Commitment to quality
At Hydrosteer we have a commitment to supply high quality parts and services backed by the most knowledgeable staff in our industry, supplying and producing the best engineered products available. Our product development and manufacturing processes ensures all our customers benefit from this commitment. We are the only ISO 9001: 2008 accredited steering business in our industry.