Draglink Service Information


Hydrosteer rods ends that have been supplied with a Draglink have been pre-greased and do not require re-greasing. The rod ends fitted to draglink tubes have anti-seize applied to threads. When installing the draglink please ensure safe clearances to all chassis and suspension components are maintained for the full movement of the draglink during operation. The …

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Easy steering system temperature check


Easy steering system temperature check Power steering systems with intermittent steering system temperatures greater than 120ºC will be damaging pump and gear seals as well as power steering hoses. Decreasing reliability of the power steering systems and increasing maintenance costs. High fluid temperatures can be caused by incorrect pump specification, worn or damaged steering gears and …

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Get a Better Grip


As well as components for power steering systems, Hydrosteer have a range of steering wheels. These are stocked in component form and we assemble as required to suit the various hub spline styles used by US truck manufacturers. VIP steering wheel styles range from the standard black plastic two spoke to the four spoke wood …

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