Nervous Steering or Unpredictable – Common Steering Issues

Slip shaft, universal joint, phasing

Continuing our discussion on common steering system issues, having talked about Darting and Wandering steering, we now come to discuss Nervous steering. Nervous Steering Drivers often complain of nervous steering or unpredictable steering when driving on second class roads, they often explain this in terms of being tense or unable to relax especially with oncoming traffic. The vehicles response to steering …

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Vehicle Darting and Wandering – Common Powers Steering Issues

Worn, damaged or overpacked with grease

Common Power Steering Issues -Vehicle Darting and Wandering Welcome to the first of a series of posts discussing common power steering issues, keep your eye out for future posts. In this post we will discuss 2 real world problem which can be related to a vehicles power steering system, Darting and Wandering.  Each of these problems will be …

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Incorrectly Adjusted Steering Gear Plungers – Part 2

Lock Stops - Courtesy HFB70 Service Manual

  Welcome back to Incorrectly Adjusted Steering Gear Plungers, part 2. For those who have not read part 1, follow the link below to learn about the issues the adjustment of plungers cause on a vehicle.   In this article we will discuss when and how adjustments need to be made to steering gear plungers. What will cause Incorrectly …

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Incorrectly Adjusted Steering Gear Plungers – Part 1

Steering Gear Plunger

 Incorrectly Adjusted Steering Gear Plungers could be damaging your steering system! Often forgotten in the power steering gear are the lock relief valves or the lock limiting plungers. There are two main types of plungers, manual and automatic, they are both designed to relieve the hydraulic pressure in the steering system just prior to full lock, to …

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