How to Remove a Pitman Arm

How to Remove a Pitman Arm and Reinstall a Pitman Arm

Hydrosteer Pitman Arms

Hydrosteer carries a wide range of Pitman Arms

Correctly and Safely removing and reinstalling a pitman arm can be more difficult than it first appears. Aside from the potential for injury reinstalling it incorrectly will impact on the performance of the steering system and the life of the components.

For instance incorrect installation can cause issues with wheel cuts on a vehicle, so it is important to get it right. The best start to getting it right is having the correct tools for the job.


There are a number of specialist tools which are recommended for the safe removal and reinstallation of the pitman arm,

Ball Joint Removal Kits – Hydrosteer Part Number 43-20245 (Large) and 43-20270 (Small)

Ball Joint Remover

Ball Joint Remover Kit – Small

Pitman Arm Puller – Hydrosteer Part Number J43744 or 3591842K (Multiple versions available ask our technical staff for help)

Torque Wrench

Impact Wrench 3/4″ or Larger.

The key steps in the pitman arm removal process are

  • Remove the draglink using a ball joint remover device.
  • Remove the retainer bolt.
  • Apply grease to the face of the sector shaft and position the pitman arm puller on the center line of the sector shaft.
  • Tighten puller bolt, a tap with a hammer on the pitman arm may be required to release the tapers.

The key steps in the pitman arm installation process are

  • Place pitman arm over the sector shaft aligning the timing marks
  • Apply antiseize compound to the retainer nut
  • Torque the retainer nut to the torque specified on the nut
  • Continue to torque until locking tabs align with retainer nut
  • Punch locking tabs into place.

The video below, from R.H. Sheppard runs through the correct removal and installation process for a pitman arm.

Removing and Installing a Pitman Arm

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