Tie Rod – Drag Link End Removers

Tie Rod / Drag Link end remover simplifies the removal of rod ends without damage

M20 x 1.5 Tie rod end remover – comes in the 43-20245 ball joint removal kit

Removal of Tie Rod and Drag Link Ends

Rod ends and drag link ends are designed to tightly engage. Due to their shallow angle taper they can often lock into place making them very difficult to remove.

This is an age old problem. Years of dirt and grime collected over the thousands of kilometers that the average truck travels a year plus the odd excessive torque up during installation or maintenance compounds the issue.  Making the removal of a tie rod or drag link end without damage very difficult indeed.

The normal solution is to take to the thread of the tie rod end with a mash hammer, which more than likely damages the thread making the drag link end unusable. If the tie rod or drag link is a single piece or crimped design this could cost a complete new component, if not a new tie rod end will be necessary.

Hydrosteers Ball Joint Remover Kits

Tie Rod End Removers

Ball Joint Remover Kit – M20, M24 7/8 UNF

Hydrosteer have developed a solution, our ball joint remover kits are designed to protect the rod end thread from damage during the removal process. There are two different kits

43-20245 which includes a ball joint remover to suit a M20, M24 and 7/8 UNF threaded ball joints.


43-20270 which includes a ball joint remover to suit M18, M16 & 3/4 UNF threaded ball joints.

These kits are reusable, small and easy to carry around coming with their own tin to keep them together making them ideal for small or large workshops alike. Just remove the ball joint nut, spin the correct ball joint remover on and give the head of the remover a sharp knock, whilst supporting the back of the mating part with a heavy hammer to prevent damage. Thread protected, all but the most stubborn rod ends will pop loose.

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