Power Steering System Oil Change


Power Steering System Oil Power steering system oil is an integral part of the steering system. It is often overlooked as a cause of problems in power steering systems. In this article we wanted to discus what causes the problems with power steering system oil and when the oil and filter should be changed. Why change …

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How to identify the correct draglink for any vehicle

Measure a Draglink from the center of the ball joint to the center of the ball joint in a straight line.

How to identify the correct draglink for any vehicle. Hydrosteer has an enormous range of draglinks available.  We can also make a draglink to a sample provided. That being said identifying the correct draglink for any particular application can be challenging because of the many different truck and axle combinations as well as the pure range of …

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Identifying a power steering gear


Identifying a Power Steering Gear Hydrosteer regularly get asked all the time is how to go about identifying a power steering gear that is fitted to a vehicle. Often we can identify a power steering gear fitted to a vehicle from the make, model and year. It is normal for their to have been more than 1 power steering gear model …

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Overheating Steering System – Coolflow Coolers

Coolflow Cooler installed onto Fuel tank brackets

In some parts of Australia it is always hot, in others we are entering the hot part of the year. No matter were you operate the heat will put your heavy vehicles steering system under stress. Overheating steering systems suffer from premature failure of seals, hoses and pumps costing money. Hydrosteer has developed a solution. …

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