Hydrosteer joins forces with HT Newman in Sydney

HT Newman Sydney

Hydrosteer to join forces with H.T. Newman in Sydney. Hydrosteer have some very exciting news to share with you all. As from the 1st of August 2016 Hydrosteer be joining forces with H.T. Newman Fabrications. This is a big change for both Hydrosteer and HT Newman, giving Hydrosteer a branch workshop in Sydney; it is …

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Tie Rod – Drag Link End Removers

Tie Rod end remover simplifies the removal of rod ends without damage

Removal of Tie Rod and Drag Link Ends Rod ends and drag link ends are designed to tightly engage. Due to their shallow angle taper they can often lock into place making them very difficult to remove. This is an age old problem. Years of dirt and grime collected over the thousands of kilometers that the average truck …

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Power Steering Pump & Engine PTO Ratio’s

Power Steering Pump

Power Steering Pump (s) and Engine PTO Ratio’s. The power steering pump is critical to the performance of the power steering system. These power steering pumps are driven from PTO’s on truck engines and different brands and models of truck engine have different PTO rotation directions and engine speed ratio’s. So What?? Well a power steering …

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Drag Link Ends & Tie Rod Ends

Tierod degree

Drag Link Ends & Tie Rod Ends  What’ the difference ? ………………………. PLENTY ! The drag link end at the steer axle end of your drag link is showing signs of wear and needs replacing. The common practice  is that you take it to your local parts outlet , the parts interpreter measures the thread, length and checks …

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