Identifying a Steering Gear – R.H. Sheppard

M110 Steering Gear - The heart of a power steering system

Identifying a Steering Gear At Hydrosteer we are always working with customers to help in identifying a steering gear make and model installed on a vehicle. As you can appreciate getting it wrong can cause some challenges and often major delays in getting a vehicle back on the road where it should be. The difference between …

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Vague Steering

Fully sealed bearing improves life and reduces the potential for vague steering

Continuing our series of articles on common power steering issues, check out the other articles here, we come to discuss Vague Steering. Vague Steering Drivers usually report a lack of road feel, lifelessness or vague/mushy steering. The steering system will not self center and it takes constant effort  to keep the vehicle pointing where you want it. Key causes …

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Basic Steering Gear Operation

M Series Steering Gear

Basic Steering Gear Operation The steering gear is at the heart of a power steering system on a heavy vehicle. Perhaps it should be described as the “muscle” of the system because it converts and magnifies the mechanical input from the steering wheel with the assistance of the hydraulics into movement of the steer wheels. To …

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Steer Axle Wheel Shimmy – Common Steering Problems

Steer wheel shimmy can be caused by excessive Wheel Caster.

In the 4th article in our common steering problems series we talk about Steer Axle Wheel Shimmy, in previous articles we have talked about darting and wandering, nervous steering and steering wheel kickback. Steer Axle Wheel Shimmy Steer Axle Wheel Shimmy is a common problem on older vehicles or vehicles which are setup with excessive …

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