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In some parts of Australia it is always hot, in others we are entering the hot part of the year. No matter were you operate the heat will put your heavy vehicles steering system under stress. Overheating steering systems suffer from premature failure of seals, hoses and pumps costing money.

Hydrosteer has developed a solution.

Coolflow Coolers reduce temperature and increase steering system life

Coolflow Coolers reduce temperature and increase steering system life

Hydrosteer’s Coolflow has stood the test of some of the harshest environments in Australia. It has been installed on many vehicles which regularly complete the Perth to Darwin run.

Coolflow is robust, it is designed so it won’t clog up with dust and grime, is easily washable and able to withstand a high pressure washer.

It is simple to install and is proven to reduce the heat load on the power steering systems, we have even had customers who have installed it on their fuel systems or differential oil systems to great effect.

Coolflow Cooler installed onto Fuel tank brackets

Coolflow Cooler installed onto Fuel tank brackets

One of our good customers, Blair from Time Road Transport installed coolers on his fleet of vehicles. Prior to installation the power steering pumps lasted approximately 150,000 km, after installation of a small 500mm long Coolflow Cooler the power steering pumps had lasted 500,000km without maintenance and they showed no signs of needing any attention.


Coolflow is effective at lowering the power steering system temperature due to the highly efficient and robust fin design, combined with the use of highly thermally conductive aluminium alloy. This rapidly pulls heat from the power steering system fluid and dumps it into the air, reducing the overall heat load faced by the power steering pump, gear and hoses.

Why does heat matter?

Heat is the enemy of the seals and hoses in power steering systems. Slowly overtime it causes them to harden. The hotter the system runs the quicker this occurs. It is easy to understand how hot your system is actually running by measuring it. Check out our article on how to measure your systems temperature by following this link.


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