steering system preventative maintenance

preventative maintenance

Hydraulic Power Steering System Basic Preventative Maintenance. As explained in the R.H. Sheppard Video below the key steps for maintaining a hydraulic power steering system are simple, yet critical to reliability and lifespan of the system. These principles apply to any vehicle or steering gear make and model. Changing the power system filter and oil at regular …

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Hydraulic Power Steering System Basics- Part 1

Fig. 2 Double the pump flow rate and Double the speed

Hydraulic System Basics Hydraulic power steering system’s rely on the hydraulic principles of flow, pressure and work. These principles can be confusing but having an understanding of the principles will help diagnose power steering system faults and therefore solve the problem quickly and cheaply. Power steering systems need pressure and flow, or more accurately adequate flow at the …

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Winner of the Hydrosteer Competition

Brad McVee, Winner of Hydrosteer Newsletter signup competition

Hydrosteer Newsletter Competition Winner Hydrosteer are excited to announce the Winner of the Hydrosteer competition. Congratulations Brad McVee from Triton Transport Services on winning the Apple Ipad, may you spend many happy hours playing with it.   Keep an eye out for the newsletter which we will publish in August. Once again Congratulations Brad.  

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Steering Pump Flow Rate

Power Steering Pump

A hydraulic power steering system is compromised without a correctly specified and operating power steering pump. The steering pump flow rate is critical to the overall performance of the power steering system, there are many reasons why the flow rate may be inadequate, causing heavy steering or baulking of the vehicle at low RPM. The first response to heavy or baulking steering …

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